The ceiling heating and cooling solution, using laminated plasterboard (PYL) is the evolution towards which the radiant air conditioning sector tends. An installation integrated into a single surface, which goes completely unnoticed, allowing the best use of the room due to the absence of elements such as radiators.

The experience in the design and use of traditional radiant installations (underfloor), has allowed us to develop an alternative or complementary system, which eliminates, as far as possible, the negative aspects and limitations posed by traditional radiant installations, such as the large thermal inertia or the difficulty of being able to incorporate them in renovations, without giving up their great advantages such as maximum comfort due to the uniformity in the delivery of heat, significant energy savings and better healthiness of the environment, since convective air movements are minima.


Traditional radiant installations (underfloor) are not the most suitable system for constructions whose use is limited to working hours or occasional occupation and introducing them into a reform is more than complicated. That is why a “modular” heating and cooling solution was proposed.

In buildings designed with removable or removable roofs (office buildings, commercial premises, hotels, etc.) a new system was required, specifically designed for this purpose. This “tailor-made suit” greatly facilitates rehabilitation, simplifies replacement work and provides all the advantages of a radiant ceiling: maximum comfort, significant energy savings, minimal changes in air temperature at different heights and no convection, so the health of the building is improved.


The radiant wall system is a solution initially designed to complement the previous ones.

In some cases, the calculation of the installation for certain spaces to be air conditioned, recommended us to give support to the rest of the radiant surfaces, for example: provide a greater amount of heat in homes with traditional radiant systems already installed, due to poor thermal insulation, you need more calories than the system already installed can deliver.

It was there, where it was proposed to apply the solution from the walls, which also adds extra thermal and acoustic insulation to the home.

A system that has subsequently been revealed as valid on its own.

Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable world, with more 'smart' consumption.

We propose an innovative heating and cooling system that is more sustainable and efficient than traditional ones. Fully compatible with heat/cold generators that use renewable energy, such as aerothermal, geothermal or solar, in its various forms.


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