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About us

THANK YOU for using your valuable time to learn who we are and what we propose.

THANK YOU for using your valuable time to learn who we are and what we propose.

At Klima Torrent, we want to help to achieve a more sustainable world, with more ‘smart’ consumption.

Logically, our proposal had to come from our speciality: Radiant Air Conditioning.

This allows us to improve the energy consumption of our homes, offices, hotels,… of all those buildings where we spend most of our lives, without giving up, or even improving, the comfort that is demanded in our times.

We propose an innovative heating and cooling system that is more sustainable and efficient than traditional ones. Fully compatible with heat/cold generators that use renewable energy, such as aero thermal, geothermal or solar, in its various forms. Installing our radiant air conditioning means taking another step towards sustainability in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, and their efficiency; always guaranteeing users maximum well-being with minimum consumption (in Kwh and in €).

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RKS Radiant Ceiling Operation

Installation / function check during commissioning of a RKS Radiant Klima System ceiling radiant – Demonstration of how the ceiling can heat the walls and the floor by radiation alone. In less than an hour (between 45 and 50′) the room went from 16-16.5°C to 20-21°C of radiant temperature on the walls and floor. With an operating temperature of 22º.

What does our RKS system consist of?

The RKS system is an efficient and discreet air conditioning solution that uses the ceiling surface to heat or cool the environment evenly without air movements, obtaining maximum comfort at home with lower energy consumption than other systems. Being an excellent option for air conditioning for the reform or new construction of homes.